Each celebrant sets their own fee based on either undercutting other celebrants (a busy celebrant does not mean a good celebrant), staying midrange and in line with many of those in their area, or at the high end to attract wealthy clients.

My fee isn’t based on what other celebrants charge or on a client’s budget. And nor is it based on an hourly rate.

What it is based on is what I bring to the table:
* 28 years as a working celebrant with experience across all rites of passage
* Masters Degree in Creative Writing
* Industry Expert
* Empathy, care, kindness, compassion
* Highly developed skillset
* Organisational skills
* Travel time
* Creating and developing script ideas
* Research
* Writing
* Interviews/meetings
* Rehearsing the script
* Rehearsal day (for weddings)
* Officiating on the day


I’m an accomplished, competent and confident public speaker who is praised for her diction, gentle and humorous manner. Due to my vast amount of experience, it means that my clients are in safe hands. I’m never going to let them down. How can you put a price on that?

I could charge half the price I do for a wedding (and do 2 to 3 weddings a day) but my goal, my ONLY goal, is to deliver weddings of quality. My commitment to each wedding couple is that I only do one ceremony a day. That means my focus is 100% on them. 

Veronika Robinson is a Heart-led Celebrant in Cumbria. She has had the immense pleasure of creating beautiful weddings since 1995, and still has a skip in her step each time she heads off to officiate a ceremony. Although her practice is based in Cumbria, she officiates from Cornwall to Callanish, and everywhere in between, as well as internationally. Veronika is an inclusive celebrant and practises discrimination-free celebrancy. Her officiating style is relaxed, authentic, friendly, warm, gentle, caring, and with natural humour.

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